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Ћюбопитно от света на автомобилните гуми и алуминиевите джанти

Х KUMHO with OE tyre contract for VW Polo
Europe's largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen AG, has awarded Kumho Tyres a contract to supply tyres for the new Polo...
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Х Why do we put winter tires?
For safe winter driving it is necessary to have optimal grip. Due to their special design the winter tires have much bigger contact surface with the road...
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Х Pirelli calendar Ц 2005
Since 1964, the Italian tire maker Pirelli has produced a promotional calendar that combines art, fashion, culture and photography...
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Х For the first time in the world
Quick lesson in automobile history. First car crash, First speeding ticket...
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Х EnzoТs Nameless Ferraries
Now we know for sure that the first Ferrari was not called Ferrari. It was called just "815"...
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Х The First Taxicab
One night in New York, around 1906, a businessman called Harry N. Allen got on a cab and traveled for several kilometers....
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