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Protect your wheels with quality wheel cleaning products and waxes.

Whether you have a really nice set of factory or aftermarket alloy, aluminum or chrome wheels, you should protect your investment:

1. Always keep wheels clean using quality cleaning products and apply a protective coat of polish or wax as recommended by the wheel manufacturer.

2. Do not use these wheels in harsh weather conditions, especially in winter climates where salt is used - store these wheels if at all possible!!! .

Today's wheels generally have a protective clear coat, similar to the one applied to your vehicle's paint finish. The key to keeping your wheels looking great for a long time, is to maintain and protect the clear coat. Your wheels are continually under attack from brake dust and road dirt. These contaminants can become acidic and have a nasty habit of etching into the wheel's clear coat. If you want to use your wheels and keep them looking new at the same time, regular cleaning followed by a good coat of wax is your best bet. Do not allow these contaminants to build up, as they will destroy your wheel's finish over time. What you use to clean your wheels is equally important. Use a non-acidic wheel cleaner, and the necessary brushes to get the job done. After the wheel is clean, apply a good quality polish or wax to the wheel. The wax will protect the clear coat, make your wheels look great, and will also make subsequent cleanings that much easier . If you must drive your vehicle in a harsh winter climate, it is strongly recommended that you store your custom wheels. Use a complete and separate set of cheap steel rims and winter tires during the winter months.

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