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06.2015  FC Barcelona and Lassa Tyres sign global partnership deal
News - tires and alloy wheels News - tires and alloy wheels News - tires and alloy wheels · FC Barcelona and Lassa Tyres, Turkey’s leading tyre brand, have reached a partnership agreement which makes the Turkish tyre brand, with consumers in more than 60 countries, a global partner for the next 4 years.

· The global partnership deal, in effect as of June 1, 2015, makes Lassa Tyres the “Official Tyre Partner” of FC Barcelona.

· Under the global partnership rights, the club’s basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey teams, will officially be named as “FC Barcelona Lassa”.

· Over the course of 4 years of partnership, world famous FC Barcelona stars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., Luis Suárez, Andrés Iniesta, Juan Carlos Navarro Víctor Tomàs, Sergio Lozano and Aitor Egurrola will star in Lassa Tyres’ promotional advertising campaigns.

· With this partnership deal, Lassa Tyres made history as the first Turkish brand undertaking the global title partnership of all indoor sports teams of a club. Lassa Tyres also became the second global brand that supports more than one FC Barcelona team.


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