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08.2015  Lassa Tyres Announces An Endorsement Agreement with Arda Turan after signing a four year term Global Sponsorship Agreement with FC Barcelona in June
News - tires and alloy wheels News - tires and alloy wheels Lassa Tyres inked an endorsement agreement with Arda Turan on a two-year contract.
After striking a partnership agreement with FC Barcelona, which made Lassa Tyres the Main Partner of all the indoor sports (i.e. basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey teams) as well as the Official Partner of the Football Club for the next four seasons until 30 June 2019, Lassa Tyres signed the brand’s first personal football player endorsement agreement with Turkish National Football Team captain and midfielder, Arda Turan.

The signing of the endorsement agreement between the Brisa company, the seventh biggest tyre manufacturer in Europe and the owner of the Lassa Tyres brand, and Arda Turan took place on Thursday 6th evening in İstanbul in the presence of Hakan Bayman, CEO of Brisa and Arda Turan.

The endorsement agreement grants Lassa Tyres exclusive endorsement rights in advertising, PR and promotional products with Arda Turan in addition to partnership rights that Lassa Tyres already have with FC Barcelona and its players like Messi, Neymar Jr, Luis Suárez, Iniesta, Juan Carlos Navarro, Víctor Tomàs, Sergio Lozano and Aitor Egurrola, among others, who will be taking part in the promotional campaigns of Lassa Tyres.

Halit Şensoy, Director of Lassa International Sales and Marketing said: “Lassa Tyres and Arda Turan are a perfect fit. We believe that Arda Turan is highly qualified in terms of increasing our brand awareness internationally both with his personal image and with his role in FC Barcelona as he is now not only a Turkish celebrity but a very well-known and respected global talent. There are millions of people around the globe who have dreams like Arda. We, as Lassa Tyres, want to use our cooperation with Arda as concrete evidence that the way to your dreams is a long way that requires endurance, agility, adaptability, self-improvement, and commitment.”

The popular 28-year-old Turkish football player Arda Turan is amongst the 100 best footballers in the world and was recently transferred to FC Barcelona.
Lassa Tyres are marketed and sold in almost 70 countries with a concentration on Europe,CIS and MENA regions, while expanding in the Asia-Pacific region.


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