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Tires Dimensions and parameters

Tire Dimendions and parameters

The distance in mm between the sidewalls of the tire in its widest parts at rest.

The distance in mm between the inner rim and the corresponding top of tread at rest.

Inner diameter
The diameter of the inner rim measured in inches.

Aspect ratio
A parameter calculated using the formula::
       (Height/Width) x 100

При липса на стойност за пропорционалното отношение се приема пропорционално отношение 82.
Например: 155 R 13 = 155 / 82 R 13

Standard ways of writing tire sizes

Passenger car tires  165 / 70 R 13 55 H
165  Width (mm)
70  Aspect ratio
R  Radial
13  Inner diameter(in inches)
55  Load index
H  Speed index

Light-truck tires  185 / 65 / R 16 106 / 104 L LT
185 Width (mm)
65 Aspect ratio
R Radial
16 Inner diameter(in inches)
106 Load index (single axle)
106 Load index (dual axle)
L Speed index
LT Symbol for light-truck use.

Standard ways of writing motorcycle tire sizes

 5.00 H 16 4 PR
5.00 Width (inch)
H Speed index
16 Overall diam. (inch)
4 PR Numbler of plates

 130 / 90 - 16 67 H
130 Width (mm)
90 Aspect ratio
16 Overall diam. (inch)
67 Load index
H Speed index

 M T 90 - 16 Load Range B
M Use (for motorcycle)
T Width code
90 Aspect ration
16 Overall diam. (inch)
Range B
 Load index

Tire search
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Tire size calculator
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Speedometer display at actual speed of 100 km/h  км/ч
The green color shows the permissible difference in the tires' diameters.
After you choose with the help of the calculator the specific size for your wehicle, click here, to see what we can offer you.

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